Students will gain insight as both creators and consumers of media, including film, print, radio, television and the web. The course will explore how groups in society are represented in the media and how meaning is conveyed in media texts, as well as investigate media technologies. There will be a mixture of theory and practical work, with an emphasis on film and print media, as well as the New Zealand music industry.
All your work, reading and viewing for the 2013 course can be found on our Level 3 Media Studies blog. You need to check this site AT LEAST once a week for your coursework.


Pre-requisite:  12 credits in NCEA Level 2 Media Studies or English


Assessment:  Achievement Standards - External (4 credits, plus 4 optional credits) and Internal (19 credits)


Resources required: Access to high-speed internet, ability to rent and view feature films, copy of Year 13 Media Studies Study Guide (ESA Publications NZ - www.esa.co.nz). Please note: the updated guide with the new Level 3 content has not been released yet. Do not purchase it yet.




Course content and assessment:

Media Studies is a field of study that examines the content, history and effects of various media, particularly mass media. This includes film, print, radio, new media, journalism and marketing. Students will engage in the course on both a theoretical and practical level and will gain knowledge and experience valuable in career paths such as journalism, advertising, design or public relations.

AS91491 - Demonstrate understanding of the meaning of a media product

A close study of Ridley Scott’s influential film Blade Runner. 3 credits, Internal

AS91494 Produce a design for a media product that meets the requirements for a brief

4 credits, Internal

AS91495 Produce a media product to meet the requirements of a brief

6 credits, Internal

AS91497 Write a media text to meet the requirements of a brief

3 credits, Internal

For the above three standards, students will propose, design, write and produce a multi-page magazine spread that demonstrates and understanding of the conventions of print journalism and layout.

AS 91496 – Demonstrate an understanding of a significant development in the media

A study of independent labels and musicians in the New Zealand music industry, including a case study of Flying Nun Records, focussing on the change from physical to digital distribution. 3 credits, Internal

AS91493 – Demonstrate understanding of a relationship between a media genre and society

Film Noir and post-war America, a case study. 4 credits, External

AS91490 – Demonstrate understanding of an aspect of a media industry (OPTIONAL)

The New Zealand music industry. Optional external, based on learning from AS91496.

4 credits, External





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