Welcome to the L3 Calculus class site. This is an area where we can collectively work - your contribution here will be valued (particularly in discussions and coconstructing documents)  I'm not sure whether all you new students are able to access this but I will make my first entry for 2011.  Classes will be on Wednesday at 2:00pm and I have asked Ken to pencil in Thursday at 10:00am for a tutorial time.  I am hoping that your schools will be organised and have you in front of the VC next Wednesday (I wasn't really expecting anyone today) and then I will see you on Friday at Roxburgh.  Maybe not all, as some are far away.  Fiona, if you don't make it to Roxburgh, I will be down in Invercargill in the next few weeks for a weekend so maybe we can catch up then?  Tim, I am planning on flying to Auckland at Easter time so perhaps we could do a face to face then??
In the meantime I would require you to buy a Nulake Calculus workbook - either through your school or from website www.nulake.co.nz  As well as this the Delta textbook is a very good resource if your school has them.  We will work mostly from Nulake.  The first few weeks will be spent revising all the algebra from year 12 - it is very important that you can manipulate expressions quickly and accurately.  Any work from your yr 12 books while you wait for the yr 13 book will be time well spent.  I look forward to meeting you all next week.
Di Ferris

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  • Term 3 Week 8: 16 - 20 September
    Having made use of emails for the last couple of weeks it is now back to the home page.  By this time we should be through the achieved part of the conics topic andbe ready to sit the unit standard by the end of this week.  Today we will go though how to write equations from graphs and how to draw graphs from equations, using the Sincos 2012 paper that I emailed to you yesterday.  We will also go through the practice achievement standard from your workbook.It is now up to you to practice papers and other questions that I give you to enable you to sit the achiement standand by the end of the term as we have lots to do for the external exams next term - completing the algebra/complex numbers and revising! for differentiation and integration.  You can help yourselves by doing quite a bit of the revision over the holidays, or getting ahead with the complex numbers...
    See you all this afternoon.
    Posted 17 Sept 2013, 17:15 by diferris@cromwell.school.nz
  • Term 3 Week 5: 26 - 30 August
    Hi all
    Good to see most of you again this week.  Hopefully those of you who weren't in class were busy with school exams.
    It is becoming very important that we keep up with the work and we must finish this next internal by the end of this term.  It is only worth 3 credits so this is achieveable.  You will need to refer back to Year 12 books if you did not do Coordinate Geometry last year and send me lots of emails for clarification if required.  The main piece of Yr 12 work is the formula for a straight line that we have already used - y - y(1) = m(x - x(1)) but also included is the distance formula d = sqr[(X1 -X2)^2 + (Y1 - Y2)^2]  and the midpoint M = [(X1 +X2)/2, (Y1 - Y2)/2]  Other pearls of wisdom may be found as we move through the topic.
    Along with the straight lines and beginning circles from last week we should pick up on ellipses and parabolas - graphs from equations and equations from the graph.  The formulae on the formulae sheet are only for graphs that are centred on (0,0) - please think about "re-zeroing" and place the 'opposite' value in a bracket (if necessary) with the x or y value.  You must refer constantly to your formula sheet as on it there are also the parametric equations for each of the conic sections. 
    For an ellipse the important features are the centre, a - from the horizontal width- and b - from the vertical width.  a and b are used to find c - the focal point.  The x- and y- intercepts are also commonly required in answers.   The definition for an ellipse is that the sum of the distances of a point on the circumference to the two foci is always constant.
    For parabolas the common formula is y^2 = 4ax where a is the focal point of the standard graph which lies horizontally.  If the graph is vertical we would interchange the x and y values to get x^2 = 4ay  (Note the difference to previous years formula)  The directrix is the line at x = -a and another determining feature is the latus rectum - a vertical line through the focal point that has a length of 4a. 
    The parametric forms for the parabola are x = at^2 and y = 2at   remember to change the x and y values if the vertex is not at (0, 0)
    Please have finished through to the end of the achieved questions for the parabolas by next week.  You will need to make sure that you understand how to use your calculator by following the instructions given to you in your workbook as this can save much angst with the working and checking of your answers!
    Remember that school time plus at least 3 hours of homework time is the minimum effort required for those grades that you want.  Please work to your potential.
    I have a quote from Winston Churchill - "To improve is to change and to be perfect is to change often."  If, by chance, your exam results aren't what you hope for than you will need to change something...
    That's all for this week.
    Posted 28 Aug 2013, 20:22 by diferris@cromwell.school.nz
  • Term 3: Week 4 19 - 23 August
    Hi all
    Getting up to date with messages - ahead for this week.  We will spend some time on revising key skills for the exams and looking at questions you may have from your revision.  As school exams are at different times I will continue with introducing the new topic: conics.  Please bring your conics book.  We will revise straight lines and circles and look at the parametric equations associated with lines and circles. 
    Just a small amount of work to keep in mind alongside revision or when you have completed your exam.  Time is getting short and it is important that we don't lose anymore time as we have the internal which must be completed this term to leave time in Term 4 to wrap up the complex numbers and do revision.  if you are struggling to keep up then reconsider your time management and look for areas that can be altered.  Those students wishing to resit the trig also be aware of the time commitment involved.
    See you on Wednesday.
    Posted 18 Aug 2013, 17:49 by diferris@cromwell.school.nz
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