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term 3, week 4

  • complete the questions we started in the VC. Make sure you understand how to determine the shape of the molecule and its polarity.
  1. draw a lewis structure
  2. count the number of regions of negative charge
  3. determine how many of these regions are bonding regions and how many are non bonding regions
  4. state the shape
  5. are there polar bonds in the molecule?
  6. are the polar bonds arranged symmetrically around the central atom? If the answer is yes, the molecule is non polar. If the polar bonds have an asymmetric arrangement around the central atom the molecule is polar.
  • complete p51-53 in lab book.
  • look at the animation "dissolving" in the attachments.
  • arrange with the chemistry teacher in your school to have access to the lab to do the labs , "polar Molecules, p 54 and "water solubility" p55-57.
  • complete p58-59 , "stain removal" in lab book.
The next section of work is looking at different types structures in solids and the properties they exhibit and explain these properties. The 4 types of solids are: molecular, ionic, metallic and covalent network solids.
  • Read p99/100 in the study guide and complete Act 12A.
  • Read p101-110 in the study guide.
  • complete the activity "classification of substances" in the attachments. Bring this to the VC on Friday and we will discuss.
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