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week 4, term 2

Hopefully oxidation numbers are beginning to make some sense!
Work to be done this week:
  • complete p84 of green lab-book.
  • copy the oxidation number rules into your notes (p240/241)
  • make a note - If the oxidation number of an element in a reactant increases (gets more positive or less negative) during a reaction, the reactant has been oxidised. If the oxidation number of an element decreases (gets more negative or less positive)  during a reaction, reduction has occurred (the reactant has been reduced).
  • Complete Act 27A of study guide. I have emailed you the answers but please try to do the questions by yourself before checking.
  • print off the attachment below "oxidation numbers" and complete the activity.
  • complete the tasks in the attachments, oxidation numbers 1 and 2. Email the completed tasks back to me.
  • complete p99 and 100 in your green lab-book.
  • also write into your notes what a reductant and an oxidant are (p244 study guide)
  • Oxidation and reduction can be defined by the transfer of electrons: oxidation is loss of electrons and reduction is gain of electrons.  This can be remembered by using the mnemonic OIL RIG  (oxidation is loss and reduction is gain). Or you may choose to use LEO says GER  (loss of electrons is oxidation, gain of electrons is reduction).
  • Do Activity 27B
  • read p245-248 in study guide.
 Balancing redox equations will be our focus for the VC on May 18th. Please endeavour to be in the VC by 1pm. Make sure you have read p245-248
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