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week 2, term 2

It is very important that you get into the lab and become familiar with using the equipment involved in titrations. Also practice doing the calculations. The animation is a fun way of doing this (Attachment below). 
Instructions for animation:
1. select strong acid and strong base
2. select fill with base
3. select HCl and NaOH
4. phenolphalein
5.push slider up to add base. the 1st attempt will be your rough run. Stop when the indicator turns pink. Push concordant values. This will provide the same concentration of base. Repeat steps 1 to 5 but stop adding base at least 1mL less than what you previously added. then add the base dropwise until the indicator changes.
6.Complete the table to calculate the concentration of NaOH:

  c n V

Note- molarity is the same as concentration. Enter the concentration of NaOH and push OK.
  • read chapter 5 of the study guide thoroughly and do some of the questions.

Maree Pullar,
26 Apr 2012, 20:21