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term 4 , week 1

Work to do:
*Complete p112-118 in your practical lab book. If you cannot get access to the chemicals you will have to get the answers from the back of the book. I'm sure your school will have candles, turps, lpg to allow you to do the activities.
*read p153/154 about polymers. Write definitions for a monomer and a polymer.
Addition polymerisation is where many monomers (of the same type) combine to make a polymer. The double bond breaks and the molecules join together.
*draw the reaction mechanism for polythene forming from the polymeriastion of ethene.
*copy the table on p155
*complete p133 - 135 in lab book.
This is quite a lot of work but we need to motor through this and allow some time for revision.
We will be the alkenes vs alkanes experiment on p123 at the VC