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term 3, week 7

This section of work on "energy" will finish off this standard.
  • Read p189-192
  • make notes on;
  • 1.define exothermic reaction and draw and energy diagram
  • 2.define an endothermic reaction and draw an energy diagram
  • 3.make sure you know whether the sign is +ve or -ve for the enthalpy change.
  • 3.define enthalpy and enthalpy change
  • do p61/62 of lab book.
  • complete Act 21A
  • read "determining enthalpy changes" p192-194. This work relates back to our "quantitative' topic earlier in the year. So you will be dealing with moles again. I know you will be enthusiastic about that!!!!!
  • Do lab book p66/67
  • Start to do Act 21B. We will go over this activity in the VC (31st) but make sure you have attempted to do some of the questions first. Bring your calculator to the VC.
  • The assessment schedule from last Fridays VC is in the attachments.
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27 Aug 2012, 19:32
Maree Pullar,
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