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Term 3, week 3

  • Look at the video clips 15 and 17 in attachments
  • Read p90/91 in the Study Guide and do Act 11C
  • Read the attachment on shapes of molecules and do activity 4D
  • complete p48-50 in the lab book
  • Read p94-97 in study guide.
Make notes on:
  • what is a polar bond?
  • what makes a molecule polar/
  • why is it possible that a molecule contains polar bonds but it is non-polar overall?
  • describe how polar molecules dissolve in water.
  • do Act 11D

 We will go over polarity of molecules in next weeks VC. Basically - to work out if a molecule is polar or not you need to ask 2 questions:

a) does it have polar bonds? if the answer is Yes to a) then go to b)

b) are the polar bonds symmetrically arranged in the molecule. If they are symmetrically arranged the molecule overall will not be polar. If the polar bonds are arranged asymmetrically(unsymmetrical) the molecule will be polar.

  • Read the attachment , ' polarities of molecules" and do Act 4E
  • complete p51-53 in lab book
  • arrange with a chemistry teacher to carryout the practical on p54 of lab book
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