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Term 3, week 2

Some notes in case you didn't get them down at the VC;
  • valence electrons=the outershell electrons
  • isoelectronic=species with the same electron configuration. e.g F-, Ne, Na+ all have 10 electrons
  • octet rule-atoms endeavor to get 8 outershell electrons to enable them to be stable
  • ionic bonding =transfer of electrons from one atom to another atom (metals lose electrons, non-metals gain electrons). The bond is the electrostatic attraction between the positive and negative ion.
  • covalent bonding=atoms share electrons to try to obey the octet rule
  • Note: boron may not obey the octet rule and may only have 6 electrons in the outer shell.
  • I will email you the answers to page 44/45 mid week after you have had time to try them.
Note:  if you scroll down the left hand side of the page and click on 2.4, there is a video clip there explaining polar bonds. It is called "15 ionic, covalent and polar covalent bonds".
Work for this week:
  • complete p44/45 of the lab book on Lewis structures.
  • read p83-86  in Study Guide.
  • complete Act 11A
  • read Study Guide p87-89
  • Write notes on : polar bonds, non polar bonds, definition for electronegativity.(There are notes in the attachments).
  • Complete Act 11B
  • complete p46/47 in lab book.
  • complete worksheet in the attachments below.
At Friday's VC we will be doing shapes of molecules.
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