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term 3, week 11

 Some video clips which may help you with naming organic compounds(the last 2 seem quite good but you may like to look at all 4). 

Work to do: 
  • read p138-140 and make notes on the physical properties of alkanes
  • do Act 15C
  • read p140-142 and make notes on chemical properties. Include definition for complete and incomplete combustion, substitution reactions, a haloalkane and classification of haloalkanes.
  • do Act 15D
  • Read p145-147 
  • do Act 16A
  • Read Geometric isomers p148/149 . Make notes: what are the requirements for geometric isomers to exist, why they exist and an example of a cis isomer and a trans isomer.
  • do Act 16B
  • read physical and chemical properties of alkenes.p149-152. Make notes on addition reactions, hydrogenation, halogenation,  hydration and Markovnikov's rule (we will go over this at VC session)
  • do Act 16C