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Term 3, week 1

  • This weeks work should be revision of what you have learnt in years 9-11 in Science about atomic structure.
  • Read chapter 10 in the study guide, p71-81. 
  • Make notes:* copy table p71 *Write definition of mass number and atomic number (p72) *write definition of isotope p73, * write the conventions for electron dot (Lewis diagrams) p76 * write definition of a cation, an anion, polyatomic ion, diatomic ion and valency p78-80
  • complete Act 10 A, B, C and D.
  • in your BLUE lab manual, complete pages 5-15
  • in the VC on Friday we will be looking at ionic and covalent bonding.  It would be helpful if you have read p83-86 in the study guide before hand.