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Term 1, week 6

Hopefully those who were doing 2.2 can get their assessments sent to me this week. I'm away on a school kayak trip on Thursday and Friday, so I probably won't get a chance to mark them until the weekend . There will still be a VC on Friday, I will be getting the RAS pupils to go over some work with you.
Things to do:
  • balance equations p32-35 in lab book
  • complete p39-41(lab book) (we did some of this in the last VC session)
  • see your science/chemistry teacher re doing the experiment,"lets get reacting" p36/37 (lab book)
  • Write notes on mole, molar mass and Avogadro's number (the glossary at the back of the study guide will help you). Also write the formula n=m/M. Put a red box around this formula. You must learn it and be able to rearrange it to make m or M the subject.
  • Do Act 7A, B and C in the study guide.
  • complete p43-45 in lab book
  • Bring your lab book and calculator to the VC Friday. Anthony, Mathew, Meghan and Abby will be demonstrating acitivity, " a mole is a chemist's best friend" p46/47
  • Complete the Bestchoice activities http://bestchoice.net.nz/

* Under chemical calculations- 
-balancing equations
-mass/molar mass
moles and avogadro