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Term 1 , week 3

  • Read p11 of Study guide and complete Act 2D.
Note: to gain Excellence in the Achievement Standard you must be able to write equations for the formation of complex ions (a summary table is on p16). I will provide you with some cue cards on Feb 10th to help you revise this.
  • Read p13 to 18 in the Study Guide and complete Act 3A.
  • Copy the 2 boxes of balanced equations on p16 of SG into your notes. Underneath the precipitates (the solids which form you could write the colour (see p8 and 11 of SG).
This week you are going to be working on 3 practicals:
  •  " identifying ions" p 18-20
  • "into the unknown" p23
  • "keep flowing" p24 -26
If you have difficulty obtaining the chemicals I will fax the results for you to copy into your books.
Note: You need to ask your Science support teacher at your school well in advance when you require chemicals and a suitable time for you to carryout the experiment.